Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've finally got my camera out, so here are a few pictures:


He seems to be doing somewhat better, still needs lots of prayer as he adjusts to being in this place.


Got to spend some really good times praying and practicing reading and with this guy. We are reading the 1 John and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Have had a couple more lessons with him and he is still making great progress. 

Evenor & Arbi 

This is my good friend Evenor and his little brother Arbi, both of whom live at the orphanage. It is such a blessing to see some of the sibling relationships here - glimmers of light amid a lot of brokenness.


Enrique came to the orphanage last July, not to long after we all flew back to the States. I've enjoyed getting to know him over the last couple weeks. He seems to be at a stage where he is very open to influences (both positive and negative) so I'm hoping to be able to get to spend time with him and encourage him in his faith.


This is my little amigo Evel. The other day I noticed we were matching... :) I don't know a whole lot about Evel's story, but he is here at the orphanage with two of his sisters and a cousin. He is from the Mayanga tribe (he keeps offering to teach me Mayanga on top of all the Mistkito I'm trying to learn!) and has a very close relationship with his sisters but has not really connected well with others here.


Here is another of my very close friends. I have known Leniker for several years now. Leniker is a professing believer but has to battle so much negative input from the world around him with virtually no parental guidance. Pray that Leniker, along with all the teen guys here, would grow in wisdom and love for Christ and that God would use me to speak the truth lovingly and boldly into their lives.

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