Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank you so much for praying for us! Sorry for the LONG break in blog posts. We're hoping to get back into it again, maybe with shorter posts. :) Every week has been so different it is hard to summarize our time since the last blog post.

God has been abundantly answering prayers:
·         God is doing a lot in the older girls. Last week, Pastor Earl and Damaris called for all the staff to fast and pray with them for the hearts of the older girls. A lot of the girls and young children fasted as well. Earl and Damaris met privately with a bunch of the older girls over the week as well as in a big group every evening during the fast to pray and share. Damaris seemed very encouraged and excited about how all of those times went. Thank you so much for praying, and please continue! Pray for open hearts.
·         I’m feeling much better after a long drawn out sickness! :)
·         God has opened up the door for Emily and I to go to Krin Krin to visit the Lees! I’m not positive on the date.
·         God opened the way for me to spend two mornings a week at the clinic here that is right next to the Verbo Church. I’ve been more humbled than helpful, but I have certainly been learning a lot and having some bizarre experiences. Emily has come to know the nurses by the names I’ve given them when I tell her the stories… “And THEN the nine-fingered-man nurse tried to hush the old-grumpy-nurse and the nice-nurse-who-speaks-Spanish who were shouting about…” :)
·         The idea to re-paint the inside of the women’s jail with the older girls is steadily taking shape, as well as Emily’s hope to do weekly visits with the ladies there.
Thank you, God!! And thank you all for you for praying!

Please pray...
·         Lord willing, we would like to make a journal and write and song that center on a passage of scripture for each of the older girls. We’ve been giving the journals to the girls when they come over for sleepovers. The songs, we hope to record and give to them at the end of our time here. That way, they would have them to listen to in their rooms. Please pray that God would give us just the right passage for each girl. Pray that God would give Emily songs. And please pray, most of all, that God would take these very humble and simple gifts and use His Word to soften and plant seeds in the hearts of his daughters.
·         Pray for Saraina (15) and Jainina (14). Lord willing, we will be having them over tonight or tomorrow. Pray that God would break through to their hearts and make His Steadfast Truth sink in deeply. Saraina’s passage is Isaiah 62:3-4. Saraina means “princess”. Jainina’s passage is Ephesians 3:7-19. Jainina means “Strong Grace”.
Thank you! Much love,


Friday, March 7, 2014

Hello all,

Thank you so much for praying for Emily. Whatever she had cleared up over the next day. She's been back on her feet these days. Thank you, God!


Monday, March 3, 2014

PLEASE pray for Emily!

Please pray for Emily! She has been in bed all day with a severe headache, nausea, aches and chills.