Thursday, March 26, 2015

Krin Krin

Hello dear family and friends,

Things here have continued to be busy, crazy, fun, stretching, and saturated with God's goodness. Although there are certainly moments when I can picture simply walking out of a class room and refusing to teach ever again, overall, I am finding more and more that I love teaching here. I try to look past the little horns on my students head and appreciate the occasional flickering light of their halos. :) But in all seriousness, God has blessed this place with some very talented young musicians, who - up to this point - have not had the opportunity to develop their gifts and are so thrilled to be able to study music.

Yesterday, as I was chatting one of my students - Carlos - I found out that his father had died of cancer when he was four and his mother is raising him and his siblings on her own as a single mom. Carlos has always loved music and use to dream of being a musician some day. However, his mother had no money to sent him to a place with a music program and there was simply no music program offered here in Puerto Cabezas. Carlos is now studding music theory, singing in choir, and taking private piano and voice class. He has an incredible voice and I plan on asking Pastor Earl if he can join the worship band at church. I will try to get a picture or maybe a video of Carlos up here soon.

Anyhow, today is the first day of Easter break. Tomorrow I leave for a week long trip to Krin Krin. For those of you who don't know, Krin Krin is a community way up the Rio Coco - the river dividing Nicaragua and Honduras. Many of the kids' families are from Krin Krin and there is a missionary family staying there (the Lee family) with whom I will be staying.

I am going with four of my friends from the orphanage (Elortan, Leniker, Josue, and Ricardo). Of those four, only Ricardo is from Krin, Krin, so he will be our guide. I am really excited to finally get to see Krin Krin and to visit with the Lee family. I am also so happy to be going with those four guys and looking forward to being able to fellowship with them as we go on this adventure. :) Please pray for safety for all of us traveling, that God would bless our time visiting the Lees, and that God would draw us closer to himself during our time traveling and as we stay in Krin Krin.

With lots of love,